Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

capping the recap.

Ah, Easter roundup much?

Friday was pretty nice. Highlights include buying a Thinkpad 600 from Sir Andrew James Tosh, III. It shall in the future be referred to as The Beast. Because it's a beast. :) Other notable events include a 4 hour game of Trivial Pursuit, starting at midnight, which I actually got pie pieces at! I am horrible at trivia stuffs.

Saturday involved me getting up earlier than I wanted to get home, and then drive around the city looking for a particular tux place. MapQuest, we hates you, precious. I left home at 3 and didn't get back until 9ish. I did get home soon enough to catch the tail end of the second Flyers win against New Jersey. *swoon* Afterwards, I saw Lauren Perotti, and briefly boromir0614 and Chris McCormic [sp?]. I'm sure I didn't make any sense due to sleep deprivation at that point, though. Boo. Sleep was withheld when I got back home as well. My bed for the night was the livingroom couch, and just before I got back, my brother and cousin ordered Bad Boys 2 on OnDemand. Oh well. Sleep at 3 is better than sleep at 4, as I pulled off the night before.

Easter was pretty Eastery. They tried to fatten me up by taking me out for both breakfast and dinner. Woah. Outside of that, the only thing I did was compile 3 months worth of timesheets for my second job. Again, woah.

Yesterday, I saw pinkneonchick for the first time in 43,545,864 years. Score. We also had our evening rehearsal for the Kimmel concert. First, they tried to put me in the Bass 1 section. That would've been fine, if they hadn't put me in the Tenor 2 section back in January! :-P So, they transplanted me into the Tenor section. On one side, there was the TA for my choir, and on the other side, there was an old guy who was in the original MIT choir who did this piece for it's debut. Woah, pressure much?

Today is the first rehearsal at the Kimmel. Sqee! And, I think I find out my scenework partner for the theatre class, even if I'm missing all but 5 minutes of that class. Hopefully it'll be someone awesome. :)

Honestly, I'm pretty close to starting to count the days to summer at this point. I am absolutely sick of school at this point. Of course, I have an oodle of work to worry about before then, too. If they just took a snapshot of my grade right now and put that for my final grade, I would be in trouble. Blek. The getting people to move into the apartment movement isn't going too well. :( I need to figure out who I need to talk to in order to start putting up flyers around campus.

Speaking of Flyers, boo for 2-4 last night. :( Many thanks go to theresan for keeping duckssaymip and I updated thoughout rehearsal via text messaging.
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