Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

Um.. let's see.

The concert went quite well. w00t.

It's totally beautiful out and I don't want to do any work at all. :)

There is a ton of work to do, though. :-( Per usual, I made quite a big hole to dig myself out of. Perhaps a bit bigger than usual this semester. We'll see how it works out.

I'm looking forward to the summer, but not at the same time. I'm wondering who I'm going to be able to keep in touch with, since it seems like my social life has been turned around on it's head since Winter Break of 2002-2003.

Have I mentioned I'm moving back in with the 'rents? Well, I am. It is either a very good decision or a very bad decision. Maybe it's a little bit of both. I figure I can help them out alot, though, and it will give me some financial leeway for a little while. This is all assuming we can find someone interested in the apartment. We seem to get very close to people wanting it, but then something happens at the last minute. I know if we can get anyone to actually see the apartment, I know they will love it.

Lately, I've been wondering if maybe I'm wasting my time being here. I'm looking at a 6 year plan at this point, and have made very little progress for the past 3 semesters. Looking at my academic history, 2 Fall Semesters and 2 Summer Sessions have been productive. 1 Fall Semester and 3 Spring Semesters have been an absolute waste of time and resources.

[insert 3 hour intermission here]

I forgot what my original point was, so I'm going to stop writing now.

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    Mon, 12:48: Well, that was an unexpected turn.

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