Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

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Baritenortone (10:58:59 AM): "Men who wish to procreate should be specifically warned of this matter."
chaz meyers (10:59:27 AM): after pitt, i guess your kids are fucked.
Baritenortone (10:59:34 AM): seriously
Baritenortone (10:59:44 AM): in inhaled more 2nd hand smoke there than i ever did around my dad
Baritenortone (10:59:48 AM): and he smoked till i was 13 or so
Baritenortone (10:59:49 AM): LOL
chaz meyers (10:59:58 AM): that, and you practically lived in bars. :-P
Baritenortone (11:00:46 AM): yeah
Baritenortone (11:00:49 AM): baaaaaaaarsssss
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