Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

Winter Break Wrapup.

Before each break I make huge, elaborate lists of awesome things I will get done. Then, I proceed to do none of those things. This break is no exception. Here's a list of things I did do:
  • Pass all the classes I expected to pass.
  • Took a brief look at Python and VB.NET
  • Read way too many news stories/links.
  • Read enough of the IMAP RFC to know that it wouldn't be fun to implement.
  • Reunited with old friends over dinner, beer, Jared's Wheel of Fortune debut, and Mowie Mowie [sp?].
  • Encountered teh Bit-man, a lousy Russian, and the rare, elusive Jittermary.
  • Worked many a ridiculous half hour shift.
  • Debugged a fair amount of perl code which I had no hand in writing.
  • Had a great New Years Eve, culminating in a beautiful view of the fireworks from the roof of the Regency.
  • Rearranged the furnature in my closet room.
  • Lost three credit cards. They were not all mine.
  • Found drivers for my soundcard. When did Creative start sucking so much?
  • Fiddled with two OldWorld Macs. Only one of them doesn't power up. ;-) Speaking of which, Tosh! Does that guy have an Apple monitor? I'd love to get Linux on this thing so I can get it off of my floor and into a closet.
  • Got wickedly sick and passed my disease on to a horde of others.
  • Went to Longwood Gardens twice, and was only kicking and screaming the second time. ;-)
  • Your mom

I suppose that isn't too bad for a month or so. I should also add that I slept. A lot. Good lordy, I slept.

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