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Chaz Meyers

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I'm a genius. Sort of. [Feb. 20th, 2005|09:53 pm]
Chaz Meyers
(21:36:15) Dancing Banana Jason!: They all think it's a scam or tell you that if they sign up, you should give them the iPod
(21:40:25) me!: I blame old sayings.
(21:40:38) me!: Ones such as "There is no such thing as a free lunch" come to mind.
(21:40:41) Dancing Banana Jason!: Okay, she's signing up now
(21:40:51) me!: Although, the ipod isn't a lunch.
(21:40:58) me!: I would not recommend eating one.
(21:41:07) Dancing Banana Jason!: I would
(21:41:16) Dancing Banana Jason!: Well, I wouldn't recommend it, but I'd eat it
(21:41:34) me!: ... why?
(21:43:27) Dancing Banana Jason!: Just to say I've done it
(21:43:36) Dancing Banana Jason!: Why else would someone climb Everest?
(21:43:51) Dancing Banana Jason!: Ah...she just went offline saying that she'll finish doing it later
(21:43:59) me!: That would be an awful expensive meal.
(21:44:10) me!: Someone would climb Everest for a nice view.
(21:44:20) Dancing Banana Jason!: It'd be free for me
(21:44:21) me!: An eaten ipod would probably give you indigestion.
(21:44:22) Dancing Banana Jason!: And soon for you
(21:44:32) Dancing Banana Jason!: Yes, if you lived through it
(21:44:32) me!: That is true.
(21:44:57) me!: It would be free in the same way if you saw $200 on the ground and ate it.
(21:45:04) me!: You could have still used it to get cool stuff.
(21:45:11) me!: Like, how you traded some in for your powerbook.
(21:45:23) Dancing Banana Jason!: Very true
(21:45:31) Dancing Banana Jason!: But you'd be famous
(21:45:36) me!: Or dead.
(21:45:38) Dancing Banana Jason!: Who else has eaten an iPod?
(21:45:38) me!: Or both.
(21:45:41) Dancing Banana Jason!: Dead famous
(21:45:42) Dancing Banana Jason!: Heh
(21:45:57) me!: I wonder...
(21:46:43) me!: If the mac zealots would be more annoyed at an ipod eater or the guy who gutted a mac and put PC components inside it.
(21:46:57) Dancing Banana Jason!: The PC thing
(21:47:04) Dancing Banana Jason!: Eating an iPod would just be cool
(21:47:12) Dancing Banana Jason!: It'd be on www.ipodlounge.com
(21:47:34) me!: It would be everywhere. I bet the AP would pick that up.
(21:47:56) me!: So, it would be in every newspaper.
(21:48:06) me!: I don't know why the AP doesn't just publish their own newspaper.
(21:48:15) me!: And cut all the other newspapers off.
(21:49:17) Dancing Banana Jason!: That would be genius

From: good_shazza
2005-02-20 07:14 pm (UTC)
I got my fifth referral tonight
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: cpm
2005-02-20 07:50 pm (UTC)
I might be getting my 5th soon. We'll see.

As of right now, I have 23 total people who signed up for an account, yet only 4 whom followed up with an offer. :-P

And this is after I offered to buy people a cheap lunch if they signed up for an account!
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[User Picture]From: duckssaymip
2005-02-20 07:29 pm (UTC)
I must take a moment to applaud the return of a nonabstract LJ icon.

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[User Picture]From: cpm
2005-02-20 07:51 pm (UTC)
I actually changed it that time you talked to me. I just haven't posted since then.
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[User Picture]From: kamikazegoat
2005-02-20 08:46 pm (UTC)
I was Rabia's fifth referral and your fifth one could have been mine but I told him to give it to you : )
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