Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

Possible job?

Are you:
  • are a Temple undergraduate student.
  • have free time on Fridays.
  • are at least somewhat competent with Microsoft Office, etc. or able to fake it.
  • do not work more than 20 hours/week for Temple University already.
  • are punctual.

If you could answer yes to all of the above, I might be able to get you a (very) part time job.

What is required (in order of frequency):
  • Normally, nothing. It's mostly downtime. Do homework. Surf the web.
  • Stop people from bringing in food and drink!
  • Very basic tech support with printing and MS Office. "OMG, why can't I print?" "Because you can only print X pages per month." "Oh."
  • Help scanning images. Basically, do it for them if they ask.
  • Put paper into the printer. We have a really huge tray that takes a few thousand sheets at a time, so this isn't a full time job like it is in Tuttleman.
  • Unjam the printer when it paper jams. Printer gives you hints about where the paper is stuck. Sort of like high tech hide and seek.
  • Whatever else they ask you to do? They occationally give weird assignments. ("Move all these monitors downstairs!" "Go through this doc we scanned in and fix it where the scanning software messed up and jumbled the letters." "Reinstall windows on this computer!")
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