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finnell1912 found two warp zones. Killer.

Grades are slowly but surely rolling in. This was one of my weakest semesters in terms of academics, committment, and sanity. I was consistantly putting out an enormous amount of energy into my classes, but the energy was not evenly divided. I have always had trouble with dividing my time and energy. I better learn fast or else the summer sessions will eat me alive. With all that being said, I had a few very pleasent surprises this term, gradewise. :)

When you are riding mass transit and have already read the Metro once or twice, do you start making funny faces into your reflection in the window? I refuse to believe that I'm the only one.

Yesterday I made the awful mistake of taking out library books. They're heavy, I'll feel obligated to keep them in my school bag until I return them, the chances of me actually reading them are slim to none, and I'll probably owe a ton of money for them when I finally return them in October. :P

I daresay I have stuffed more stuff into today than I have stuffed into the entire past week combined, if you discount programming and sleeping. That's kind of sad. But, on the plus side, after Tuesday, I won't be obligated to look at a piece of Java at least until the Fall. That means it can start being fun again. :)

My group project ended up being "a demon hell ride", as the late Wessley Willis would describe it. Fortunately, it ended at a relatively happy ending. Well, hopefully it will. Tuesday is when I'll know for sure. But for now it has a tentitive happy ending.

Hm. I really need a somewhat recent photo to use as an icon. Fruit Fucker it is, then!
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