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Bill Maher will be at the Tower Theater a week from Saturday (June 11). I'm still deciding if I want to go or not. Does anyone else want to go with me if I do? Tickets are listed at $37 - $45.

TSchedule, sadly, is sludging along. Josh is back from vacation, though, so he should be fixing the things that suck with the UI soon. I don't know why I hate writing/modifying GUI code so much. We told Gary that everything would be done by the 13th. I would be very happy if we meet that deadline. I'm sick of this project. Does anyone want to help test it? It'll be fun. Really. ;-)

My class for Summer 1, Microeconomics, is.. well... interesting. My professor believes that organs should be sold, rent control in NYC is a primary cause of the housing shortage and black market furnature renting, and that the minimum wage is pure lunacy. And he looks like Greenspan. I'm not sure what to make of this.

I decided to forego working at UPenn for a good chunk of the summer so I can participate in 42nd Street over at udpac. (Because I didn't want to get home after 9/10 from Penn, I was only doing the bare minimum most nights and only made around $35/week. This seemed like a worthy tradeoff.)

I keep on seeing blurbs about Google's Summer Of Code. The idea behind it is that if you apply to plan and complete a major part of an open source project over the summer, you get $4500 at the end of the summer. Even LiveJournal is participating. I would be really interested in something like this if I didn't have such a weird schedule this summer. I have no clue how much time I would be able to commit to something like this. (Heh, I probably wouldn't do it even if I had time. I get terribly intimidated by formal application processes. :P I'm the odd sort who would go ahead and do the work unpaid to avoid the application process.)

I'm fairly certain I had something else write about. Oh well. Must've been a lie.

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