Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

Interesting week so far.

Well, I found it interesting, at least!

My family was away in Connecticut for the weekend, and were expecting to return by train on Monday. As it turned out, my father was not well on Monday and we did not believe he would fare well on an extended train ride. Either I could pick them up, or my uncle could drop them off. Since my uncle is a gainfully employed individual and I am not, I imagined it would be better for me to spend 9 hours of my life driving. The trip went surprisingly well. :) Especially compared to the last time I drove up to CT. That was a mess. (That, and I used to write like an idiot. I hope I don't look back at this in 2009 and think the same!)

On Tuesday, I rested.

The following day I went to Temple to confirm my classes and to secure my old job.

The former was the more pressing issue. My financial aid this year is very delayed and quite buggered. Normally to confirm and ensure that the university doesn't remove you from all of your classes, you must pay their first payment. Without my normal loans, the minimum first payment was beyond my means. Fortunately, the financial services people I spoke with were very cooperative.

Getting my job back was even easier. I showed up, asked my boss if he had received the email I had sent him, and he told me I could have whatever hours I wanted. Then, he scheduled me from opening to close today and tomorrow. (So, if you see me on AIM, chances are I am very bored!)

Now, I find out that the ipod I have been seeking out from has finally shipped today! Yay. :)
Tags: life update

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