Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

In a hockey sort of mood...

After seeing the Flyers (albeit depressing) opening game last night, I really want to see some live hockey next weekend. Sadly, I've lost my usual hockey buddy to the hicks the south, so I guess I'm soliciting people from LJ. :P

The Phantoms have a home game next Saturday at 7:00PM. Tickets are $14 for cheap tickets, $8 if you have a student ID (I think).

Alternatively, the Flyers have a home game next Friday at 7:00PM, with cheap tickets at $20.

Let me know if either of those times/prices sound good to you!

Misread the schedule. Phantoms don't play the 15th. Flyers have home games both Friday and Saturday, though, so both dates are still possible. Just going to cost $20, regardless of which we go to.
Tags: hockey, local, philadelphia, sports
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