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Someone set me up the bomb.

My Gibson has been hacked. :(

Like, literally. As in, connected in as the Administrator user I forgot to delete 3 years ago, changed the password, and removed my usual account from the Administrator group.

Talk about lame. Luckily, I got my tuition refund check a few days ago, so I could afford a new hard drive to boot from without wiping out my data. Even more luckily, Chris was over in Media, so I was able to get a copy of Windows XP from him.

For some odd reason, I can't convince the computer to boot when both the new hard drive and one of the old hard drives are both hooked up. Hopefully it's something stupid I can fix over the weekend. Getting access to my data would be mighty fine.

I'm thinking of making some changes to my network. Previously, my linksys router blocked all ports except http, ssh, vnc, and a few others. The rest were forwarded to the Windows machine. Now I'm thinking of only opening ssh and having that go to a FreeBSD or Debian machine. Then, if I need to connect to a service on the Windows machine while I'm out, I can forward the traffic over ssh by way of the *nix machine. That'll work, right? I've never daisy chained port forwarding over ssh like that, but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere about a year ago that this sort of thing is supported.

Why add the new machine into the mix? I don't trust Cygwin's sshd for some irrational reason I cannot explain.
Tags: computers, hardware, life update, rage
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