Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers


Did anyone living in the Philadelphia area watch the 10:00PM news on Fox last night?

For those who didn't, they did a very odd report near the end of the program. It was about babies who were being potty trained shortly after birth.

You see... er..

They kept on showing naked babies and didn't do a good job with their censoring blur and at the end they showed close ups of babies squatting on the toilet and defecating.



W. T. F. Question Mark.

What type of parent lets their child's parts flail on the evening news?
What network news editorial staff puts this on the air?
What camera operator thinks, "Hm. This news story could really use a close-up of a 4 month old child pooing, and I'm just the person to take this shot!"

I do believe both instantdharma and I are scarred for life. If not scarred, we are very, very confused.

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