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Pardon me while I put on my LOLerskates. [Apr. 28th, 2006|04:48 pm]
Chaz Meyers
Scene: I'm at work, where I have no sound. I didn't notice that someone IMed me.

(16:11:38) SHINDEYO: yo

(16:11:39) SHINDEYO: yo

(16:12:29) SHINDEYO: are you there

At this point, I get a text message from cpmroyalty@livejournal.com.
(16:15:22) me!: Hi.
(16:15:27) me!: What's up?
(16:17:09) SHINDEYO: hey man, I dont want to be a buzz kill but the title cpm has belonged to a group of people on the westcoast for a long time, we use it as a callsign and a sign of group identity
(16:17:59) me!: It's also my initials and has been my LJ handle for 5 years now.

For a while he claims ownership of the letters C, P, and M.

(16:20:15) SHINDEYO: it has existed as a seperatist group in California for over a hundred years and as new technoligies are created we must expand to thesew new mediums
(16:20:30) SHINDEYO: we are not an elitist group
(16:20:39) me!: I don't want to be a buzz kill, but there are 21,900,000 different pages on the internet that reference "cpm". How many of them belong to your group? :)
(16:21:07) SHINDEYO: a few but our message is cryptic
(16:22:12) SHINDEYO: we dont show ourselves in the public light for fear of shmuck oppression
(16:22:19) SHINDEYO: CPM
(16:22:19) SHINDEYO: we dont show ourselves in the public light for fear of shmuck oppression
(16:23:31) SHINDEYO: but we need an online public outlet
(16:23:42) me!: If you're interested in establishing an online identity, getting in touch with the owners of cpm.com, cpm.org, and cpm.net would most likely be more efficient.
(16:25:37) SHINDEYO: yes I know their are other organizations that have stolen our name but lj is the medium we chose and it wrong to keep us from our work
(16:26:03) SHINDEYO: yes I know their are other organizations that have stolen our name but lj is the medium we chose and it wrong to keep us from our work

(16:26:38) me!: Do you hold a trademark on those letters?
(16:29:30) me!: Because these people actually do:
(16:29:30) me!: http://tess2.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=toc&state=snl2s2.1.1&p_search=searchss&p_L=50&BackReference=&p_plural=yes&p_s_PARA1=&p_tagrepl%7E%3A=PARA1%24LD&expr=PARA1+AND+PARA2&p_s_PARA2=cpm&p_tagrepl%7E%3A=PARA2%24COMB&p_op_ALL=AND&a_default=search&a_search=Submit+Query&a_search=Submit+Query
(16:29:43) me!: So, you could say that you're stealing their name.
(16:31:17) SHINDEYO: plz dont toy with me and by proxy our group, we had the name first
(16:31:27) SHINDEYO: it was stolen from us

(16:32:16) SHINDEYO: we cant get those letters trademarked because it would make us noticed by the gov
(16:32:38) SHINDEYO: and they would start asking questions

Let's start the government paranoia!
(16:35:06) SHINDEYO: and I asked you nicely
(16:35:09) me!: If you're that paranoid about the government, establishing an online identity on servers located in the US is a really stupid idea. LJ has historically worked with authorities when asked.
(16:35:20) me!: And I'm declining nicely.
(16:35:43) me!: I'm sorry, but I have no interest in giving up my username on LiveJournal.
(16:35:46) SHINDEYO: who says I didnt set up any protection
(16:36:02) SHINDEYO: who say I'm in the us
(16:36:09) SHINDEYO: I just said the group was
(16:36:11) me!: Furthermore, they offer no mechanism to transfer usernames from one person to another anyway, so this is a waste of time.
(16:36:14) me!: It doesn't matter.
(16:36:20) me!: LiveJournal is based in California.
(16:36:24) SHINDEYO: ack san sin
(16:36:49) me!: Therefore, your data would be in CA and the US would have full access if they had reason to believe you were engaged in illegal activities.
(16:36:59) me!: Which would be the only reason why you would be acting to paranoid.
(16:37:20) SHINDEYO: I never said we were engaged in illegal activities
(16:37:28) SHINDEYO: just stuff people might not like
(16:37:33) me!: Then why the paranoia?
(16:38:18) me!: So you aren't interested in providing a legal identity to a name you seem very intent on protecting because people might be offended?
(16:38:29) SHINDEYO: because theres a huge gov that is perfectly willing to steamrole people with different ideas
(16:38:53) SHINDEYO: and in order to protect my groups free speech I must be paranoid
(16:39:08) me!: Perhaps. But there are legal limits to what they are capable of accomplishing.
(16:39:21) SHINDEYO: hmm, you think so

(16:39:56) SHINDEYO: but do you think the gov gets caught up on things like the law
(16:40:17) me!: Yes.
(16:40:31) me!: Sadly, less so than with previous administrations. But that'll be straightened out the next election.
(16:40:57) SHINDEYO: really?
(16:41:05) me!: Yes.
(16:41:18) SHINDEYO: governments have a
tendency not to give up power
(16:42:20) me!: That is true. But currently the power stems from a single party system. Once a second party is involved, checks and balances will work again.
(16:42:35) SHINDEYO: dont assume democrats would be better just because of minor differences
(16:42:59) SHINDEYO: dont assume that just because they are different they actually are
(16:43:29) SHINDEYO: that they say their different
(16:43:40) me!: They are different in some ways and the same in others.
(16:44:06) me!: But as long as they bicker enough on those different issues, not too much damage is done.
(16:45:10) SHINDEYO: what if its staged?

And then he breaks. Enter: bargaining.
(16:46:32) SHINDEYO: I'm just joking with you man about all the reasons I want to change your name
(16:46:36) SHINDEYO: just plz do it
(16:46:49) SHINDEYO: c'mon
(16:46:53) SHINDEYO: be a pal
(16:47:29) me!: Not interested. Sorry. :)
(16:47:41) SHINDEYO: c'mon
(16:48:20) SHINDEYO: if I translated your name into jap/french/italian/german/spanish/ russian
(16:48:28) SHINDEYO: would it change you mind
(16:49:08) SHINDEYO: ?
(16:51:22) me!: Nope.
(16:51:28) me!: I like having a short name.
(16:51:38) me!: Besides, you haven't even used yours in a long time!
(16:51:48) SHINDEYO: hmmmmmm.................
(16:51:56) SHINDEYO: yes that is true
(16:52:11) SHINDEYO: but I was going to make a cpm only lj
(16:52:29) SHINDEYO: and if you gave me your password that would be possible
(16:53:07) me!: Dude, I have a permanent account. I'm not giving you my password.
(16:53:46) SHINDEYO: c'mon whats a few dollers between friends
(16:55:33) me!: You started off amusing me, but now you're just getting whiney.
(16:55:46) SHINDEYO: youre wrong
(16:56:06) me!: Haha. I'm wrong about my impression of you?
(16:56:24) SHINDEYO: calm down
(16:56:41) me!: OK. I take it back. You're amusing again.
(16:57:05) me!: I'll end this conversation on a high note.

[User Picture]From: qsical
2006-04-28 11:32 pm (UTC)

2 random notes:

Chaz, that's the most absurd thing ever! I can't believe that, but I think that just made my night a heck of a lot more amusing. Thanks for posting the craziness!

And calophi, I *love* your icon!!! That pic was my background for months. Awesome series. Just had to comment. ;)
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