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Last time I post about Ragtime. I promise. [Aug. 3rd, 2007|03:42 pm]
Chaz Meyers
Ragtime opens tonight. Obviously I've not been able to "see" the show for about a week since we've been in dress rehearsals, but those who have seen it tell me that it is wonderful. I encourage anyone and everyone to come see it. The story and the music are simply amazing. (This has been my favorite musical for many years.)

The shows are:
* tonight (Friday) at 7:30PM
tomorrow (Saturday) at 7:30PM
next Friday (10th) at 7:30PM
and next Saturday (11th) at 1:30PM and 7:30PM.

I'm also directing a scene for OneActs, which will be performed Tuesday and Wednesday. (Not sure what times. Eveningish.) People should come see that too.

Directions to all of this can be found at udpac.ORG.


In the not-whoring-out-the-LJ-department, I've been dreadfully boring lately.

I'm finishing up an event-driven Ruby eval server as part of an internal system using EventMachine. (Poor-man's Ruby version of TheShwartz?) It's nice because EventMachine is just a neat library and it means we're no longer dependent on BackgrounDrB. (Why no BackgrounDrB, you ask? Because in my experience the DRB server gets unresponsive to web processes/MiddleMan when the workers are doing slow TCP connections to unreliable hosts.) Otherwise, I've just been getting irritated by the idiosyncrasies of PHP, VB.NET and Oracle. I fear I've become a language snob. I really need a good C project to get my priorities straight again. ;-)