Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

URL prettiness to excess.

Lately I've been using CodeIgniter. CI is a lightweight PHP framework

I know that Pretty URLs are fashionable. CI takes it to a new extreme by unsetting $_GET by default.

Why? Because you should be POSTing or using longer URLs instead. Check out their $this->uri->assoc_to_uri() example on how to "properly" handle hashy query data.

Does anyone seriously think that is a significantly better URL than

Have we thrown out the idea that only one URL should point to a given resource? (I'm betting if you swap around gender and size in the above example it would have the same result and give a 200 response instead of redirecting to a permalink.)

Are GET forms no longer are acceptable for things like searches that don't have side effects? (I'm pretty sure this change completely breaks non-POST forms.)

Don't get me wrong. Pretty URLs are great, and I wouldn't blink an eye if Opinionated Software like RubyOnRails removed GET parameters by default. But in a lightweight framework like CodeIgniter? It seems a bit odd.

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