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A more different meme. [Sep. 16th, 2008|09:54 am]
Chaz Meyers
Listed below are 30 answers. The questions are secret. If you want to know them, you have to agree to do this meme in your journal/blawg/whatever. If you're down for that, leave a comment with your email and I'll send you the questions.

1. Mike F.
2. Brian W.
3. Depends on duration. For just a day or two, anyone would be interesting.
4. A1, A2
5. Sam, Michelle. I guess. But really it depends.
6. Michelle.
7. Michelle.
8. Chris P, Mike P, Mike F, Liz.
9. That's actually a pretty long list.
10. A1, Mike P.
11. Me?
12. Spoilers.
13. Michelle.
14. Sam, A2 / Dan, Steve S.
15. Chris R. Hilarity ensues.
16. Becca.
17. Almost everyone I know?
18. Most animals I know. Tucker. Emma. Apollo.
19. A1, A2.
20. Yana.
21. Chris R.
22. Chris P.
23. Uh, Chris R.
24. No one comes to mind, so clearly they would have the advantage.
25. Liz, Steph, and A1 all seem to have decent track records, ;) although I'm not sure if that's the vocabulary I would use.
26. None.
27. Sadly, no one in particular comes to mind. Hm.
28. No one. :) Close proximity with someone for long periods of time like that is grating.
29. More spoilers.
30. Tempt not the fates.