Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

Wherein I talk about Seussical wrapup, Godspell, brain rot, cars, and school. Also: I plead.

I've been busy, but not in a way that lends to great stories to share with the internet. Le sigh.

Seussical turned out to be an absolutely fantastic experience. Great performances with a wonderful tiny cast. It was a very consuming show in terms of energy and time, but in a really good way, so immediately afterwards it felt like a weird combination of loss and relief.

Last week I auditioned for a production of Godspell and was cast as the soloist for "All Good Gifts". That would make me Lamar, I suppose? It should be fun. I know next to nothing about the show, but the music I've heard so far sounds good. That starts early January and ends in March, I think? So it's a pretty short run. And after that I think I'm going to sleep for a while.

I've always explained to people that the artistic and scientific sides of my brain both get very hungry and so I feed the former with theatre and the later with coding. I'm afraid the coding half hasn't been as satisfied lately. It's gotten worse over the past few months, but the problem goes back a few years.

A big part of it, I think, is I don't talk to many other programmers in my day-to-day life. In fact, I have no close friends who are software developers. For me, there's an important social component to writing software which I have been neglecting since leaving college. Collaborating with others and bouncing ideas off of one another is a great way to grow new ideas and weed out the bad. Also, I enjoy being competitive and showing off. It helps to keep me sharp. Otherwise, I'm a single voice bouncing around in an echo chamber. That echo chamber is starting to take a toll on me.

Philadelphia has developed a thriving technological community, particularly over the past two years, and I need to get more involved with it. It would be very healthy for me.

That, and I think I need to either start or hook onto some open source project. I've given that idea a lot of lip service, but have done very little towards those ends. I'm good at what I do, but, again, I'm in an echo chamber. No one around me is qualified to tell me my work sucks outside of a black box testing sort of way, and I think that sort of environment makes it very easy to stagnate.

In more annoying news, in mid-October I was in an accident that totaled my mother's car. It doesn't really affect her that much. Due to a weird set of circumstances she has been driving her sister's car for years now. However, it did mean that I had to buy my first car. That was kind of annoying with a dash of excitement. I am now the proud owner of a silver 2010 Honda Fit.

In mixed news, I'm in a paperwork-based cage match with my alma mater, trying to get back in so I can finish my last few classes and get my BS. If all goes to plan, I'll be done either by the end of spring or the summer. Otherwise, I'm probably going to drop the whole matter forever because they'll want me to re-take a few dozen classes. My paperwork has been approved so far, but it's still being pushed further up the ladder. My major is no longer offered (wtf?) so a lot of fancy people with many letters before and after their names need to decide whether I can give them money in exchange for a piece of paper. Exciting, right?

LJ seems to have turned into a ghost town. I know that part of it is the company itself has turned to shit from the sounds of things, and another part is everyone (with a few noted and appreciated exceptions!) has moved to posting trite status updates in Facebook's closed garden (oh hi!) or Twitter's noise factory (hay!). It doesn't need to be that way! Come back, everyone! :P

There's still value in writing in essay form about how ridiculous your day was or giving bi-weekly updates on your life! There's so much noise in those other mediums and such little room for context and content that a few years from now when you want to be nostalgic, you'll still find great gems on LJ from 2001-2008, but very little from this period of time. FB's and Twitter's archives will be difficult to navigate if they'll exist at all and the content will be of such little value it won't even be worth the effort to go through them.

I know I'm a complete hypocrite because lately if I write bi-monthly, that's a good run for me. However! If you guys come back I promise I'll write more frequently. I'll even comment. Pinky swear. It's sad that my 20 most recent friends entries spans 5 days! I miss y'all.

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