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Wherein I talk about college paperwork, ideas, writing copy, and library audiobooks [Dec. 15th, 2009|11:17 pm]
Chaz Meyers
In the spirit of writing more, I'm writing more. :P

Today I received word that my request to not retake all my classes has been approved by all the people with fancy titles who need to approve that sort of thing. Now I just need to register for my last class, and I will be set!

I tried scheduling an appointment to add the class that today when I first received the news at 4:55PM. After explaining what I wanted and being placed on hold, I was informed at 5:05PM that "The System" gets shut down at 5:00 and I could try again tomorrow. Some might be annoyed by this, but to me it's just home sweet home. ;-)

I often come up with bizarre programming projects and never follow up on them once the idea loses it's novelty in my mind. Not this time! I was struck with the best worst useless idea ever, and by golly I will not let that go to waste! I'm not going to write about it quite yet, though. Whenever I write about an amazing idea, I abandon it shortly afterwards. (Perhaps I need to become quicker as a programmer. Or, I need a longer attention span.)

Much of today I've been writing copy. It's important and needs to be done, but I can't decide if I'm bad at it or if I just dislike the task. Maybe it's a little of both. I'm eager for the month to be over so I can stop pretending to be a web designer and get back to writing software.

Earlier today I got very excited because I thought I could download DRM'd audiobooks from my local library. Upon closer inspection, I think you can only be put onto a waitlist to download an audiobook someday? Disappointing.

My Pandora station for this week is seeded by "Party in the USA" and "Single Ladies". I enjoy it, but you should pity my coworkers.