Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
Chaz Meyers

Since last time....

* The neighbor mentioned in the previous post will not be living here much longer.

* Was in a lovely cabaret a few weeks back. Positive feedback makes the ego go boom boom boom.

* Fighting the good fight against math and rocks. Haven't gotten many grades back, so hopefully all is well?

* Godspell opens... Friday? Holy s. You all should come see it.

* Working from home now. I've noticed pros and cons to this arrangement. Nice since it saves two hours of daily driving, though. And saving a ton of money on gas.

* Lot's of paying down a lot of "code debt" while adding a feature that touches a lot of stuff the past two weeks.

* I'm kind of excited about Rails 3! I have mixed feelings about them getting rid of stuff like link_to_function, but the improvements to ActiveRecord where everything is a scope looks awesome.

* Also, Erector looks really cool. I think I'm too committed my my mash up of ERB and HAML to switch at this point. Maybe the next project.

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