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  • Sun, 15:31: RT @dinoman_j:
  • Sun, 15:44: As a Google Fi customer, I'm confused by Google's phone offerings, esp for PC. "Just use Hangouts". "Hangouts is going away". "But not for you". "Now for you. Use Messages. You don't need calls, right?" "Messages can do calls, right?" "Messages and Duo?"
  • Sun, 21:21: RT @WillardFoxton: I look at this and wonder “what would Jesus think”. Partly it’s “don’t kill people” but partly it’s also, you know, hi…
  • Mon, 09:26: RT @OutOfFucksQueen: BREAKING: I hear Trump is offering to pay the legal fees for all those who stormed the capital. All you have to do is…
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  • Amanda writes about my life better than I do.

    In short, we went to the zoo, argued, and someone shattered the window of my car in order to loot and plunder it. She wrote it funnier.

  • New Years.

    New Years Eve at Creppert's Cabin in the Poconos, after a year or two of declined invites, proved to be a splendid time. Michael "Crazy Man…

  • hXc nerdcore.

    NES Concert? Some guys playing Contra on a huge screen while a band plays the Contra music. And the crowd goes wild. Wow. Merry Hanukkah.…

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