Chaz Meyers (cpm) wrote,
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  • Sun, 15:31: RT @dinoman_j:
  • Sun, 15:44: As a Google Fi customer, I'm confused by Google's phone offerings, esp for PC. "Just use Hangouts". "Hangouts is going away". "But not for you". "Now for you. Use Messages. You don't need calls, right?" "Messages can do calls, right?" "Messages and Duo?"
  • Sun, 21:21: RT @WillardFoxton: I look at this and wonder “what would Jesus think”. Partly it’s “don’t kill people” but partly it’s also, you know, hi…
  • Mon, 09:26: RT @OutOfFucksQueen: BREAKING: I hear Trump is offering to pay the legal fees for all those who stormed the capital. All you have to do is…
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    Tue, 19:54: RT @ TheParkerJam: Suppose you are: * in rails in development mode * using cookies for sessions * raising an exception and not…

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    Mon, 12:48: Well, that was an unexpected turn.

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    Fri, 20:07: I made my first comment on a YouTube video. It got 132 upvotes and 28 comments. The clout is definitely already going to my head.

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